World freezone

About This Program

This online program will help in building capacity in developing and operating world class zones, whether free trade zones or special economic zones or industrial processing zones, etc. by following best international practices, and the expertise of the Tutors.

Our Faculties

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    Eng. Husam Abdallah
    Chief of Strategy & Business Development World Free Zones Organization
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    Martín Gustavo Ibarra
    CEO Araújo Ibarra Colombia
  • user
    Juan Opertti
    Managing Director HEMISTION S.A. Uruguay
  • user
    Pillar V Ceron
    Managing Director Xtrategy US LLC United States
  • user
    Nicolás Gómez
    Partner Araújo Ibarra Colombia
  • user
    Daniel Gómez
    International Trade Director Araújo Ibarra Colombia
  • user
    Lucia Fillippo
    Senior Consultant Araújo Ibarra Colombia
  • user
    Anwar Mohamed
    Managing Partner at One Works United Arab Emirates
  • user
    Ayman Amin Sejiny
    CEO, The Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD), Saudi Arabia
  • user
    Richard Bolwijn
    Head of Investment Research, UNCTAD
  • user
    Greg Hands
    Minister of State for Trade Policy, DIT, United Kingdom

What This Program Covers

There are Eight Topics that comprise the program. All eight programs must be covered and passed to become eligible for graduation and receiving the diploma certificate. This program shall not exceed 6-9 months in duration. Exception may be granted subject to management approval. The eight topics are:

  • Topic 1
    Competitiveness Strategy & Performance Management

    The topic will enable participants to create attractive strategies for your zone or organization regardless of the types, sizes, and locations. It will also help understanding strategy deployment approaches and performance management

  • Topic 2
    Marketing/ Promotion and Investment Attraction Strategy

    The topic will enable participants to shape an acquisition strategy that is unique and effective for attracting the right clients and investors

  • Topic 3
    Economic Zones Operations

    Develop a strong understanding of how the best zones are operated and how performance is measured. The topic also covers the benefits of digitization and how to achieve it

  • Topic 4
    Talents Management and Capacity Development

    This topic will cover the key measures od team performance, roles and digital tools available to manage zones workforce

  • Topic 5
    Stakeholders Relation & Engagement

    Explore all types of stakeholders involved in successful zones, and how to manage and optimize those relationships. How to create digital platform for creating values for stakeholders

  • Topic 6
    Legal & Regulatory Frameworks

    Gain stronger knowledge of the legal frameworks that govern and enable all aspects and types of zones. How regulations can be developed to optimize zones attractiveness while maintaining good governance

  • Topic 7
    Master Planning & Infrastructure

    Improve understanding of the elements of master planning and how it aligns with zones’ future directions. Also addressing some of the challenges of balancing cost with flexibility

  • Topic 8
    Project Financing

    Build an understanding of the sources and uses of funds, and the various mechanisms for obtain project funding. The advantages and disadvantages of types of funds.

What You’ll Learn

Participants will build up their capacity, knowledge and capabilities on different key issues related to zones management and operations. They will equip themselves with the know-how of the zones nature of industry that is totally having different concepts of any other industries. Participants will learn from Tutors who have extensive hands-on experience of zones globally.