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  • The course completion time is expected to be 6 months (conditions apply), and you must complete the course and attend all your exams (quizzes) within 6 months from the registration date. 
  • There are eight topics, and you must pass all eight topics sequentially to receive your diploma certificate. 
  • You must review the course content of each Topic carefully (videos, presentations & articles) and, attend the exam (quiz) and pass the exam to be able to go to the next Topic. Y
  • You can only repeat the quiz three times for each Topic. Passing the quiz will enable you to move to the next topic. 
  • You will need to pay the registration fees/ present your coupon code to access the program and the payment is not refundable. 
  • The course fees will be $3000 per participant. 
  • Your participation in this program will be confidential.